Friday, May 27, 2016

Post 28. Week goals!

So, this week's goals were met. 

We finally managed to get a working dishwasher. Actually bought it used from our neighbour and it's going strong and settling into its new home. 

    I worked out every day this week. Bonus points if I managed the workout tomorrow and/or Sunday. 
This week I had a massive case of the lazies. It was hard to get get out of bed, let alone work out instead of napping on the couch.
But I got through it, made it count and I going to keep at it.

    My writing is really moving along now and soon my Beta reader will be done reading my story. Once she's done, I can start the final revising and then I'm going to start submitting it.
I made more time for my writing without distractions and I'm very happy with those results. 

  My thespian friends back home in Iceland performed Ubu Roi last night. They are raising money for their trip to Austria, where they will perform the play as only they can. I got about 15 Snaps from one of the cast members, showing all of them preparing in their wonderful, unique, tasty ways. I miss them. SO. MUCH.    

    My middle child is going to her first class birthday party on Sunday and she's sooooo excited! We are going later today to pick out a present. The Hubs showed me the weather report for Sunday this morning and apparently there's supposed to be a thunderstorm. 
Let's hope that doesn't happen. 
    My oldest had a class party as well this week and came home with a few more freckles, a massive smile, and a splinter. Only the splinter was removed so all is well.
    Then there is the youngest, who's trying to stop sleeping during the day. So far, she's only fallen asleep into her fruit salad once. I had to carry her home that day because it took us a good 5 minutes to wake her. This, of course, makes for a very irritated soon-to-be 3-year-old but it will be worth it in the end. 

And instead for making a Hodor joke, I'll say this darling had his 77th birthday this week... So, this is appropriate! 

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