Thursday, May 5, 2016

Post 14. Message from the brain.

I just want to write, or live in my fantasy world.

Yep, this is the message my mind seems to want to give me these days. I have been editing a novel I hope to get published and I have been diligent in doing so daily. Of course, this means the story, the characters and dialogue are always running around in my subconscious. So, the second I get a moment to myself or am doing chores a monkey could do with his eyes closed, naturally my mind returns to the story. Should this character really say this? But if he doesn't my protagonist won't discover this, so I need him to say that. At least I can edit the way he says it and make it sound more authentic. Why is this person obsessed with a phone they think they don't have? This is where a previous edit has messed something out and I spend hours looking for a reference to said phone, only to find the character has it on her the entire time! HA!

         Many times I have been doing the dishes or vacuuming when I realize something is wrong with my plot or I forgot to bring in an element of something. I both love and hate this situation. I don't want to lose momentum or interest in my own work. But it never feels very quiet in my mind. I have trouble falling asleep because I'm busy playing out a scene which could go this way or that way. Oh, wait, let's throw in a hedgehog and see what happens!
         Add this to the craziness of being a parent, trying to work out daily and get everyone's lunches, homework and toothbrushes ready.

Today we went to Tusenfrid, an amusement park just outside of Oslo. We have a great time and they had lots of attractions for the little ones (lot's for the big ones too but I refrained from trying them since the lines were too long to leave the kids waiting.) Still managed to sneak on a coaster with my oldest, SOOOO FUN!

          I was walking around like a bad-ass Coachella going mom at the start of this trip but by the end I was loaded down with printed out pictures from various rides, rubber ducky prizes, sweaters, slushies, popcorn and buckets of candy floss, all while I watched my kids go round and round on this or that ride.
We had a blast, both adults and kids and the sun out and I actually remembered to take the sunscreen
with me to reapply! Score!!

And for my closing, I will just leave this here!

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