Monday, May 16, 2016

Post 21. Why? Just why? Mom-mode ON!

            This weekend, a holy weekend since Eurovision was on, I found myself unexpectedly alone with my kids. The hubby was called away to work, leaving me with our three kids. Over the weekend. These three children have friends and over the weekend, I had as many as 6-7 kids at the house almost at all times. 

            Don't get me wrong, while they play with other kids, I have time to do the chores and get dinner ready. But then there's the feeding of all these kids, who have these and those allergies, don't like this and that, and don't understand why I don't own sardines. I could go on but I think you get the point.

            As any parent will know cooking with the kids is fun and also, kind of hellish. This weekend we spend a lot of time having fun and there wasn't much time to clean and prep but I managed. The back of my jeans was covered in stickers and the pockets were filled with crayons  (I was wearing those) as I cooked burgers we made from, sans bread, and my coffee table was covered in stickers and colors (I had just cleaned it from the last time they colored outside the lines of their books.) Their room was a bit trashed and there was an unusual amount toilet paper shredded in the bathroom. 

          In Norway, Eurovision is on at 9pm so my girls were asleep before it started so I figured I'd let the son watch a little with me. He was asleep by song two. (Sorry, Czech Republic)

So I had a little time to watch and Snapchat with my friends and family about the songs.
My Eurovision is usually spent at my mom's house, eating all sorts of yummy food with my brothers and sister, my kids, the hubby and of course, my parents. 
My father complains he hate Eurovision but he always stays and watched quite a bit of it... Hmmmmm... Meanwhile, comments, both funny, complimentary and vicious, are flying around the room. Sometimes so much so I totally miss out on a song (which is why I listen to the Eurovision Playlist on Spotify).
            My favorite part is trying to figure out who wins. I love being right, so I get really into it. Especially for the semi-finals but also for the main event. 
This year I had three possibilities and one of them was right! (I'm counting it) 
           Today is a Holiday here in Norway and tomorrow they are celebrating their independence day. (Another 4 day weekend but this time, we skipped MONDAY!) 
The hubby is back so today was a bit easier but man, I. Is. Tired. 

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