Thursday, May 19, 2016

Post 24. Breaking through the tired!


This is the state of being for me since I started having kids, first juggling job and my first born, then the second and job and now the third and staying at home.
Staying at home is basically a constant battle between doing everything I need to do and sitting down on the couch for Netflix and napping.

      Many mornings are hard for me. I wake up tired but I get my ass out of bed (it may take me a few minutes but at least, I have kicked the snooze habit) and I start my day. Getting the kids out of bed and to school is pretty routine but can be difficult. I cling to the knowledge that when they are safely in school, I go home to have a cup of coffee in peace.

I fool myself like this EVERY morning. Because when I come home, it's GO time! I go straight for my workout clothes and get started on my workout. Every morning, I think I should skip it today, I'm tired and I deserve a break. EVERY MORNING.

But I go through it anyway. I drag my mat to the floor, collect my weights and Ipad (I follow several Youtube videos for my workout) and put on my music.
       This morning, after months of working out (most) mornings, I hit something of a milestone.
Instead of almost dying to make it through some of my workouts, I found I could push myself all the way to the end. It was hard and sweat was pouring off me like the Niagra falls, but I did it. I got through those 5 more pushups, those 5 more everything.
Why is it when you are basically done with whatever exercise you are doing, they tell you to do 5 more?

I have NO idea but this morning, I managed them. I breathed through the pain and it felt glorious.
Now, I'm not doing any Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson workout but I am damn happy with my results and my improving stamina.

      When I started out a few months back (like 2-3) I could barely get through any 1 workout video on Youtube. I found one I liked which included no equipment and I had to work my way up to it and today I workout to 3-4 workouts daily and I make it through!
Totally happy with this!

Also, my novel is almost ready for its first Beta read! So excited, just threw the whole thing through Grammarly to make sure I hadn't missed some horrible typos.

I hope everyone is having a great day.

(That unicorn man! What in the world is that about. I used it cause, you know, Unicorns)

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