Thursday, May 12, 2016


It is HOT over here in Norway right now.

We've had over a week of sun and heat (in Icelandic terms, anything over 10° is hot) 
I've stocked up on sunscreen (I have three kids and one of them is a redhead) and aftersun and aloe vera, sunglasses, dresses, shorts, water bottles etc.
         Being outside so much is great but super tiring, both a plus and a minus. Irritated children are difficult but at least they fall asleep without any problems.

         Working out in this heat is madness, pure madness. I admit it but I won't give up. I am having serious cravings for all the soda we have in the fridge, tho. Fanta Lemon is a weakness for me, poured into a wine glass filled with Ice cubes is my favorite summer drink. This isn't very productive for my workouts.

          And don't get me started on the BBQ's. Oh, my, so yummy! Most of it isn't healthy so I clearly have some nutrition challenges ahead of me. I know I need to get a grip on this before it starts to ruin my workouts.
I also need to stop sending my friends Snapchats of the good, good weather we're having. (Not going to happen but I feel I should say it) 

This blog is scattered, maybe I stayed outside too long today.
At least I have Eurovision tonight.

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