Friday, May 20, 2016

Post 25. Friday and I want candy!

I want candy! I want snacks! I want soda and endless sugar!!!!

     The cravings are killing me and I'm trying to stay strong. It's only 2pm over here and I'm already struggling with the need for sweets. Chewing on a watermelon and cherries isn't doing it for me today.

Even a spoon full of peanut butter isn't helping.
I must not succumb, I mustn't.

     It's times like these I wish my cupboard wasn't filled with candy. I really do.

   My mind is telling me

because it is bad for me, bad for my workouts, bad for teeth... Bad for everything.

My body, on the other hand,

    Trying to distract myself, I've been cleaning things and avoid sitting still. I had to conntact our cable company through their website (one of those internet chats) and I can't help myself when I speak to people I don't know.

    I don't know what they sound like, so I amuse myself by making up voices for them, depending on my mood. Not to mention if it takes them forever to answer me, I make up multiple accents for them.
Am I the only one who does this?

MAN! I want candy!
I need a distraction, bad!
It's fine. I just won't eat any candy. I mean, who needs it, really?

.........Starting to break....

Have a nice weekend!

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