Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Post 12! Running around cause it's Tuesday!

Tuesdays are definitely Monday's evil stepmother!

My daughter is staying home today due to her eye infection, still going strong. So once we had taken the other brats to school, we came back and did our workout. I say our workout because she joined me. Not always in helpful ways but she joined me.
        My Tomato Face Club hasn't been too red lately, so today, I added weights to the mix. Super light ones to be sure but I gotta start somewhere. My daughter wanted to be like her mama so she had weights too, just slightly more to her style.
I have a sneaky suspicion hers were lighter than mine. Hmmmm. (Yes, her's ar the Legos) Anyhow, she didn't think I was working hard enough (read: she got bored) and decided to help me. Crawl under me while I planked, or try to help me lift my legs higher (read: push down when I tried to push up) 
So, I think it's safe to say I got a pretty good workout and my daughter had fun.
         By 11am, it was clear my daughter's eye wasn't getting any better with the natural remedies, so I had to make the call and try to pronounce the doctor's name. The woman on the phone thought I gave it a valiant effort. (Read: I'll get a participation award!) After a moment, she told me they had an opening in 18 minutes.
        I looked at the clock, knowing it usually takes me about 15 minutes to get to the town's center on foot. I had a 2 years old with me, the stroller was at the kindergarten, said 2 years old was unhelpfully tearing off her clothes and diaper and I had my hair in a T-shirt to help it dry.
        Like my new alarm told me this morning, GET AFTER IT!, (hint, I like Rock's new app!) I decided to take it because they had nothing else until Friday. So I dressed and diapered my daughter, got us dressed for the rain, tore off the T-shirt holding my hair and grabbed my wallet, keys and phone. There are no trains in my town and the bus only goes through the main road.
        My daughter sat piggyback style on my shoulders all the way downtown (I am going to FEEL THAT TOMORROW, ouch), we snuck passed my son's school trying not to let my son see us, he was standing quite close but turned the other way. I didn't have time to explain to him where we were going or why I wasn't there to pick him up.
We managed to get to the doctor's office in 25 minutes, which the lovely lady at the reception told me was fine and asked us to take a seat.
My daughter chucked her jacket at me as I sat down near an old gentleman who started talking to me about the weather. I must have looked awesome since my hair was plastered to my face, starting to curl and frizz and places but my makeup was all right.
He told me how he was from Sri Lanka, living in Oslo and he was in town because his friend needed help getting to the doctor. We talked about where I was from and all sorts of things until his friend came back and she started talking to me as well. I can honestly tell you, my Norwegian also got a workout today. I even helped them out with the machine which helps you pay your bill. I've never seen one of these things before but it's instructions were in English and I was happy to help.
         The doctor called my daughter in next and I realized my information about the doctor had been wrong. I had been told the doctor was a man but it turned out, the doctor was a woman. Not that it matters, I was simply trying to figure out if I should be asking for him or her if I ever needed it since the name gave me not clue. She was very nice to us, took one look at my daughter as I told her what hadn't been working and prescribed an ointment. Why do they call it that, ointment? It's goo! Hehehehhe.
          While waiting at the pharmacy, my daughter tried to buy every single EOS lip balm they had. She didn't know what they were, just thought they looked cool. One of the employees actually let her play with them while another took care of my order.
           So, happy and relieve my daughter would be recovering soon, we headed back home. This time at a much more relaxed pace, thank you very much. We could enjoy the rain, splash in puddles and check out the snails which seem to think crossing the street is a good idea.

Once we got back, I had to deal with the chaos left behind and get my daughter to take a nap. At least, one of those was easy. And I forgot to get some meat out of the freezer for dinner AGAIN! Oh, well.... Maybe it's time for pasta!
So from rainy Norway, I bid you a good day.

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  1. I've always said TUESDAYS should get all the memes, not Mondays.
    Glad you got loads of workouts in and that littlest tot likes to help you GET AFTER IT!