Wednesday, May 25, 2016

27. Dishwasher? Yes, please.

     Since we moved to Norway, we have been without a dishwasher.
For the first few days, it was odd and more than a little boring to have to wash dishes/cutlery/glasses by hand for a family of 5 once or twice a day.

    I've gotten used to it by now and it takes no time at all. I even like going through some writing-prep work while performing the task. Cleaning is often useful for that, writing-prep, I mean. You start going over previous events in your story, start setting goals for the day, be it wordcount, events, deaths, saves, and dialogue.

    Now, on the other hand, it's time to add a dishwasher to the servants of the house. It will join the washing machine - in charge of laundry and a big freezer chest - in charge of frozen food along with her sister, the fridge.
     Finding a dishwasher was easy enough. We got online and after a bit of searching and googling reviews, we found one.
Unfortunately, it was sold out. So, the Hubs (we aren't married but that's what I'm calling him anyway) decides to pop over to IKEA and buys us a dishwasher there.
    When he told me this, my only answer was: "Please, tell me we don't have to assemble it!"
He assured me that was no the case and I figured, how bad can it be.
Que the music.

      The Hubs comes home after having to go a long way around his usual route which was closed for some reason. He's already tired and hungry so we have dinner before we start installing the new dishwasher.
The Hubs also got us an awesome cherry tomato plant.
     The kids go to bed shortly after dinner and as I'm reading to them, I can hear the Hubs moving our fridge around since he's being moved next to the freezer chest. I heard as he took the dishwasher out of its wrapping.
It was followed by a lot of cussing. All I could think it was 'oh no, it has to be assembled! I knew it!'

    When I emerged from the kids bedroom, I saw the problem. The dishwasher had no front and this was driving Hubs crazy. I didn't really care if it looked like a steel blob if it could do it's job right.
Turns out, when you opened the thing, it slammed shut of its own accord at unsafe speeds. It would be impossible to load the machine without having one of my kids sit on the door while I did it.

   The Hubs tried various things to make  the door relax but eventually finds out this was a flaw.
Not listening to me when I told him to take a breath and we would go back tomorrow and get the front or get them to fix it for you. He wants to take the offending thing back right now!
    He puts it back into the packing, cutting his finger in the process and we then carry it back to the car.
He makes it back to IKEA in time and after bringing it back where they gave it to him, he was told he had to take it around back.
    By this point, Hubs is really done with this and just wants his money back. He finds the correct place, he takes a number and sees there are 13 other people ahead of him. The numbers went like this:
277 - 278 - 279 - 284 - 290 - 281.
    Hubs is confused but finally gets his number called.
He tells the nice lady at the desk that he needs to return this dishwasher. The lady nods, takes a look at the disheveled packaging, and then asks:
    "Is it broken?"
Hubs could have told her about the obviously faulty door but nooooooo. This is what he said:
    "No, my wife told me to return it."

The lady blinks at him, smiles in understanding and gives him his money back!!
The Hubs walked out laughing at blaming me for this. But at least he was happy again and got his money back.

At least the Cherry Tomatoes are delish!

The hunt for a dishwasher continues.

(Sidenote: we love IKEA and they always give us great service.)

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