Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Post 18. I'm Icelandic and Eurovision was rough!

I woke up this morning as if I had gone to bed at 5am. Feeling a bit hung over (impossible since I don't drink) I forced my candy-ass out of bed. (I can call it that since the Rock sang me out of bed this morning. Have I mentioned how much I  love the Rock App?)
       I got my kids out of bed and over breakfast I had to tell them Iceland would not  be competing in Eurovision this coming Saturday. They didn't really care, just asked me to pass the apple juice. I walked them to school and tried to be fun and upbeat but the fact is, I'm so disappointed. 
Even my workout this morning wasn't enough to get me out of my funk. 
       I know Iceland wasn't the only one not to get through and no one likes to see their country miss the finals. This year, though, I had convinced myself Iceland had a real shot. Of course, anyone who knows an Icelander will tell you, Iceland always believes we will win! Most Icelanders take this with a grain of salt. 
       I believe we are simply being supportive and positive. This year though, most of my friends and family were shocked. Checking out social media reveals many agree with the Icelanders. None of this matters, of course, there will be another semi-final tomorrow and the contest itself will be on Saturday and it will all be fabulous. 
       I managed to shake off my funk around noon, reminding myself of the fact that Eurovision is what it is. There's always next year :)
But I tell ya, going to bed right after the disappointment, didn't make waking up any easier. 
       Never the less, I am SUPER happy with Iceland's performance last night. The song, singing and performance were fantastic and their participation all around was superb.
I look forward to seeing the results from the votes on Saturday. 

This is all I have to say about Eurovision until after the weekend. 

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