Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Post 22. The 17th of May has arrived!

           Today Norway celebrates their Constitution day and my friend celebrates her birthday. (Happy Birthday Katla!)
           After doing some research (google and Snapchat) we could tell people were dressing up proper for the festivities. Obviously, we wanted to fit in, or at least be respectful, so we got our fancy on, grabbed some Norwegian flags and joined the parade.
           We followed a Marching band towards my son's school where a stage and some games had been set up. My son's class was first on stage and they sang a lovely song I've never heard before. (Still haven't, my daughter kept shouting in my ear through the WHOLE thing.)  We were surrounded by Norwegians (obviously) in their bunad, pictured below.

           There were many variations of these outfits and I, for one, was mesmirized. They looked similar but not, together but not. It was fantastic. There were also alot of teenagers doing their Russ (graduation partying, before exams) 
           The hosts had set up games for the kids, such as 'knock down cans', 'pin the tail of the pig', 'sack running' and stilts. To name a few.
My kids had a great time ignoring the games and running back and forth on a skateboarding platform and eating ice cream. On the way home we picked flowers and the kids waved their flags at anyone lucky enough to pass us by.
            Now we got some delicious lamb on the BBQ. All in all, we are happy with our first 17 mai!


  1. Soon the day will be WORLD WIDE KATLA DAY!! until then I'll share with the bunad clad Norwegians and a few other glorious and well deserved days.
    Thanks for the shout out ... off to read about the Cullens ... no sorry your sparkling, not theirs.

    1. Hehehehe. You have no idea how Cullens-y it actually is. :)

  2. Sounds awesome, I might just glitter myself up to go see X-Men Apocalypse