Friday, May 6, 2016

Post 15. Why I love reading.

What a book means to me. Aka. Why I love fiction.

                Books are like Orion‘s belt in the movie Men in Black. Entire galaxies within a tiny book.
I‘ve been a booklov-ah for a very long time but I believe I really bloomed when I started working at a bookstore. Suddenly my bookshelf had a bookshelf family, extended relatives and foster family.
My fiance didn‘t know what was happening. Apparently I had been in the closet.

                I couldn‘t (still can‘t) stop myself from bringing home a book on a weekly (daily) basis. Diving into a world filled with fantastical creatures, time travel or undertaking the task of tracking down a murderer. I freely admit not having the staying power when it comes to serious, drawn out dramatic books about someone's misspent youth, traveling back and forth through the entire book. I also have nothing against those books, they aren‘t for me, is all.

                Give me soul eating demons, time traveling young ladies, bad ass witches, hobbits, murderers, escape artist, tortured vampires and teenage volunteers. I will also except Scotish romances or some modern ones. All day, every day.
                Looking at my bookshelf, you will find a collection of fantasy, fiction, historical fiction, thrillers, and romances. One of my book friends actually asked if I never read anything real. I told him I totally did. Chuck Palahniuk is real. (Twisted, that is and I love it.)

                The point is we all love books for different reasons. I like trying to figure out who the bad guy is, where someone‘s loved one is or why they were killed and how the main character can get it on with that hunky supernatural creature. You know which one I‘m talking about.Tall, dark, brooding and muscular, usually impossible to deal with.

                Books are one of the many spices of life and I can‘t live without my spices. It‘s become my mission in life for my children to become bookworms and so far, we are doing good. Call it what you want, escape from reality, a scary life lived from the comfort and safety of your sofa. There is no turning back from the book life and I, for one, don‘t want too.

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