Friday, June 24, 2016

Post 40! Yes, we made it!

It's Post 40!

I'm sure you've learned a lot from my previous blogs. I hope so.
It would be appropriate for me to have some words of wisdom, something amazing to say on this wonderful Friday. Something life-mending, love-affirming and smart.

But I don't! :)
That's right, I got nothing.
     Iceland won their game on Wedsnday and I couldn't be prouder! Next up, England! Looking forward to that.
     My kids are starting their summer vacation, wonderful. Also, really tired already :)
After a blissful break with my war against the ants, I have seen two today... Time for some more poison!

Oh, and I made a lemon cake for the first time! Delish!

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! I'll see you all on Monday! 
Don't forget your homework I assigned in this blog. There will be a quiz! 

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Post 39. The Game is tonight!

TONIGHT! Iceland vs. Austria!!!

If we don't win tonight, we do not continue! So, when those Vikings start cheering, Cheer with us!

Can't wait for the game!


Monday, June 20, 2016

Post 38. Good weekend, leads to good week? I hope .

The weekend was wonderful. 

I got to hang out with my brothers, my sister, and her fiancé on the Icelandic National day. We made Tapas, (not traditional for Iceland but it was DELICIOUS) and my kids had so much fun they were asleep before I exited my sister's parking lot.

      On Saturday, we carried out a sneaky attack on the ants. We got a powder on their walkway, which they will then pick up (or it will stick to them) and they will carry it back to their lair (yes, still referring to their hill as a lair) and they will all die!! MUAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 
Oh, man, it sounds really, really bad like that doesn't it? 
Well, they woke my Viking by invading my house. 

After Operation Stealth Kill, we played outside with the kids until it was time to dinner. We had dinner early because Iceland was going up against Hungary in EM! To say the game was good would be an understatement. Unfortunately, the game ended 1-1 and Iceland has yet to secure their place in the nex round (I have no idea what the sports term is for it) We are eagerly waiting for Wedsnday where Iceland must win Austria to continue. (Yes, I know the meme has nothing to do with that game but I think it's funny!) 

On Sunday we went for a drive, going through some of the towns around us. While the kids were playing at a playground, the Hubs discovered a Zoo only 30 minutes away and they had Monkeys!
It was one of those places where you get a bag to feed some of the animals. 
Let me tell you, feeding an Emo hurts!

All in all, great weekend and I'm ready for the last week before my kids have their summer vacation. AKA. The time to drive mommy insane! 

Friday, June 17, 2016

Post 37. Revenge of the ants!


Last week, I made a post about the war me and the Hubs had with ants suddenly coming into our home. A week later, I started seeing them again, venturing into my home but always near the same spot. So, obviously, it was time to get serious! 
        Those little suckers are still trying their hardest to invade my home! Seriously, they won't take the hint. I finally found a tiny hole in the wall where they were coming inside. So, I filled the hole with pesticide and sealed it off with some stick gum. 
I was feeling pretty damn good about myself until I finished cleaning the room and got to the corner furthest away from the hole. Because on the floor, there were a bunch of dying ants. 
It was clear they have a tunnel in the wall. 

       After freaking out, because I was now officially a mass murderer, I destroyed the evidence quickly and gave that corner a good round with the pesticide as well. 
After cleaning up, I get a watchful eye on that corner, trying  to figure out where their exit had been. 
Later in the day, I got a visit from the sister and brothers. (That's right, I called in re-enforcements) My brother tracked the ants outside so we now know kinda where they are getting into the house. 
My landlord, who lives above me, has also been noticing some ant traffic into his home. He told me we would have to find their lair. Okay, he said nest but lair sounds cooler! 
This proved difficult until my son found it. 
My GOD! 

       Their lair isn't too far from the house but it is a huge hill and from where I stood it looked like a writhing, pulsing nightmare! 
We've already gotten some advice on what to do and are taking measures to... 
How do I say this?

Today, however, I busied myself by getting some sealers to seal off any and ALL cracks/holes in my apartment in an honest attempt to keep them out while I wait for their untimely death... Muahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha! 

(Ok, I really need a break from this ant business and pesticide!)

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Post 36. Let's do this!

Super short, cause today is B.U.S.Y!!

Yes, the Icelandic football team tied with Portugal yesterday. Poor, little Ronaldo didn't take it very well. But, hey. We, as a nation, are proud and happy about it.

Now, on the other hand, I have a summer festival to attended today, held at my daughter's pre-school. There are snacks to bring, chairs to put out and so on.
Of course, it's raining now, for the first time in a week or so. The summer festival is outside and as I understood it, the kids have prepared artwork to show to us, the parents and family members. I hope it can stand rain.

Now, where are all my plastic containers to put the fruits I need to bring in?

Monday, June 13, 2016

Post 35. A post I never wanted to write.

I've been keeping silent on my FB, Instagram, and Twitter about the attacks on Pulse, the nightclub in Orlando. Not because I think it doesn't concern me, not because I don't want to comment. It's the simple fact that nothing I can say is going to make this better.

As a human being,  I sat in front of my computer after my Hubs woke me on Sunday morning, reading article after article about the horrible events which, at the time, were still unfolding. My heart hurt and my stomach clenched. Trying to make sense of such violence is impossible. Nothing can make me understand how one person can hurt another. Not hate, not anger, not ignorance. There is no good reason. None.

I can't imagine what the families of this tragedy are going through. I know no one who lost someone that night. Yet, I find myself heartbroken and angry. I am angry this happened, I'm angry so many people lost their lives so senselessly.

I feel helpless. I want my children to live in a world where they can grow up safe, where they can go out to party without worrying about horrible things happening to them. I want for them to study whatever they want and be safe at school. I want for them to be able to support whatever political party they want and be safe. I want my children to practice whatever religion they choose, or don't, and be safe. I don't want them judged by their skin, sexual orientation or beliefs. I want my children, and everyone, to be safe.
There has to be a way to stop these horrible things from happening all over the world.

I know all we can do is keep living our lives and being true to ourselves. I will not let this, or any other event, stop me or my children. I will fight hate with love and darkness with light.
I just wish... I wish we didn't have too.

All my love and sympathies go out to the people who lost someone.

Gunnhildur, a citizen of the world.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Post 34. Going to see the Crowd Tickler!


I'm so excited I can't focus! He's my favorite comedian.





I can't wait for tonight! I can't!!! 


Well... That turned out a bit stalker-y, didn't it? 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Post 33. Ants in my house. This means war!!

         Yes, the day before yesterday, I saw an Ant, strolling along on my kitchen wall. This guy was not small, nor was he in a hurry. My kids and I actually stared at it for a few seconds before I got up and got the vacuum.
          After I had disposed of the intruder, I went back to getting the kids to bed. Now, in the following hours, we found three more ants inside our home.
Obviously, there was a problem.

Coming from Iceland, we don't have many ants and very few ant problems. So, I started by googling ants.  (Eeeeeeew!) I found out so much more than I needed to know.
After confirming a vague memory of them leaving some sort of trail (it's a scent trail, in case you wanted to know. If you didn't... Sorry!) I started to google how to keep them out. How to prevent them from entering your home and so on and so forth.

          I don't like bugs, as I've mentioned on this blog before, but I really don't have an issue with them as long as they stay out of my domain. No joke. My home is my domain and they are not allowed entry. They live outside and I will try not to step on them when I leave my house and they stay out of my home. This seems totally fair to me.

          Now, I read some interesting stuff about how to keep them away. I wanted to try something natural and repellent. The internet did not disappoint in terms of ideas.
One person suggested chalk. Something in the chalk is supposed to repel ants from crossing a line you make with it. Well, I put that to the test. (There are soooo many ants near my house, I live next to the woods, so I had plenty of guinea pigs.)
Turns out, these critters didn't give a hoot about a line, or a circle drawn in chalk. Ok, let's try something else.

          Someone suggested salt. Oh, I loved that idea. I wanted to get my flannel shirt and pie on right there, it was soo Supernatural. The ants were ghosts and I spread the salt around a few of them.
Well... If I had been Dean Winchester, I would have had to fight my way out of this. Those bastards didn't care at ALL about the salt, just strolled right over it.
Next on the list, lemon juice!
         I squeeze lemons and did a little test run. This had some effect. For about 10 minutes. Then they seemed to like the taste of it.

After a few trials like this, I admitted defeat. I would have to get some pesticide.
There was a mind-boggling array of these things. I picked two and got back to the Hubs. (What? You didn't think I was fighting this war alone, did you?) 
People who fight bugs together, stay together... Right?
We tackled each room of the house along with the outside permiter, windows, doors, and ventilation. Basically, any place they could be getting in.
        We cleaned everything, and I do mean Everything, with a blend which is supposed to erase the scent trail and keep others from coming after them.
To say we were exhausted by the time the kids came home, would be an understatement.
After all our efforts, we found one ant crawling on our ceiling. Probably looking to escape, the poor thing.

        So, far that and a turbo spider who got in this morning, it's looking better. I hope I can stop looking at the wall every three seconds soon. That spider, though, I will be having nightmares about that thing.
At least, I can take comfort in the fact the spider doesn't have friends who will come looking for it.


Monday, June 6, 2016

Post 32. My kids are growing UP.

Last week the Hubs and I got a bunch of new clothes for the kids because they are outgrowing... Well, everything.
We ordered about 83 pieces of clothing for all three children after overhauling all of their old clothes.
Everything they couldn't use was given away to the red cross.

But that's not all. They aren't just growing in size, they are growing up on me!
Late last week, my youngest started cycling proper (with training wheels), my son got a new bike as well and is riding around like the wind.
We took a ride (well, the kids cycle and we, the parents, walk/run along side.) We went all over the neighborhood, stopping at playgrounds and such.
What surprised me was how well they noticed their surroundings. They pulled over to the side when a car went by, even if they just heard it. They were pretty mindful of each other and stopped if they weren't sure of which direction to take.
A year ago, this would have been a stressful affair but I found I could actually relax and simply enjoy my time with the kids and Hubs. You know, mostly.
(Yes, these are mine.. MINE! ALL MINE! Also, taken earlier this year)
At the playground, I discovered my little girls aren't so little anymore. As nail-biting moments went by I watched them climb up and down obstacles much taller than them. I was terrified but kept a crazy smile on my face as they climbed over pipes taller than me as I 'casually' walked underneath them.
I was so proud of how fearless they were, even if it was hell on my nerves. They waited their turn, they watched their footing but they weren't afraid.
Even my youngest (turning 3 in August) is insisting on standing in every swing we can find. Trust me,  I can barely keep from protesting.

They speak to people in Norwegian and are understood, they correct their mother mercilessly and they have a sense of humor I love. Even when it's overly sarcastic for a 4-year-old.

My kids are strong, willful, independent, clever and gorgeous. I need to remember they are turning out pretty good, even if I feel like a failed mom every now and then.
They fight and argue, like everybody else.
Then they turn around and hug it out or comfort the one who was denied candy on a weekday.

It's all good, is what I'm saying! I'll just be over here like...

Friday, June 3, 2016

Post 31! Friday!

Fridays are fun!

I may be looking like a Hillbilly because I broke my tooth yesterday but, it's Friday so I'm embracing the look. At least, I am until Tuesday when the dentist is going to fix it for me :)

This week, the family got a second car which will make everything a bit easier. Not to mention, if I need to run an errand or go somewhere, I am not tied to the bus. The bus system where I live is fine, but the bus only comes around every 30 minutes. Not great if you miss it.
Not to mention, I won't have to carry heavy groceries home from the store if the Hubs has to work out of town (thereby, using the car.)
I now have a car so I and the kids are free to drive around if we need/want too. It's shiny and new (to us, anyway) and I've decided its name is Magneto because of the gun metal gray color.
(Side note - how adorable is this guy!)
This made me wonder about my sanity for a moment (not for the first or last time) but then I realized I've never referred to a car as a male before! What's up with that? When I'm praying the car doesn't run out of gas before I reach the station, I'll ask her to make it just that little bit further. In my mind, I've always thought about cars in the female sense.
Anyway, now I have Magneto and we couldn't be happier.

I've actually started to see a change in my body now, after all the hard work I've been putting in and OMG, it's so encouraging!

(Can't have happy without Oprah!)
My writing is flying ahead and I am going to start submitting a novel on Monday. Super excited. I say Monday because I want to make sure I'm submitting to the right places and agents.

We had a great week as I hope everyone did.
Happy weekend!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Post 30. I am not a fan of bugs... Like at all.

Well, the sun is out OUT out OUT and it's wonderfully warm and lovely.
Except for one thing....


      They are out in force and I'm having trouble keeping them out of my home. That's right, I hate them very much :) 
With this heat, I need to be able to open a window every once in a while but there's an army of spiders just waiting to get in on the other side. 

       Now, I know I'm armed with my vacuum cleaner, hairspray and my sneakers but I really just want my space to be bug-free. 
Through the years (yes, even in Iceland) I've tried all sorts of things to keep them out. I've tried bug spray, I've tried natural scents, nets, tape and you name it. 
All of these worked, kind of. 
        But right now, I simply can't be bothered to put all these defenses up. Not to mention some of the scented stuff really calls to one kind of bug while scaring another. 

        While I'm writing, in this amazing weather, my kids want me to bake cookies. (In this heat, are you nuts? My answer to them, however, is always, We'll see.) 
Maybe I can make the batter tonight and bake it tomorrow morning before my house becomes a steam room. 

          I really wish I could be one of those people who isn't bothered by bugs at all. A wasp flies in their face and they simply close their eyes and wait for the sucker to leave. 
Oh, I close my eyes too. And whip around, climb over my hubs to get away and run as fast as my feet can carry me in the other direction. 

Oh, well. I will simply have to try to get over this in time. And by time, I mean in the next 1000 years :) 

Hope y'all are having a great Wedsnday.