Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Post 17 What to name a novel?

Seriously, what do I name it?

This is the question nagging me today. Even thought my edits aren't done, I am getting closer and closer to the end goal of submitting it. I have a synopsis to write as well and perhaps the title will come to me there. 
          But what I want (what I really, really want) is for a tiny gnome to come out from underneath my sofa and tell me what to name it. Just appear with that perfect title. Perhaps I can pray to the Title-Gnome under the sofa and he will send me an answer. (I don't know why it would be a Title Gnome but I like the idea.)
          For my last novel, I named it after the main character's last name. It was a thriller and the story was all about her anyway. It was appropriate. 

This new novel can't use this. So I need a title. Title, title, where are you title?
         I've looked at the internet for a while for ideas on how to come up with one. 
The internet does not disappoint. There are oodles of suggestions of how to come up with one. Most popular is to brainstorm with what the book is actually about. But I, of course, found a Book Title Generator! 
( http://fantasynamegenerators.com/book-title-generator.php#.VzHNyfl97IU ) 

Needless to say, I play with this generator and before I know it, I look up and realize I've lost an hour! But man, it's fun! 

I would LOVE to name my book Ogre of Summer! or Goblins and Criminals! 
Never mind there are not Goblins or Ogres in the book.

How about Trees Without Hope! 
Women and Rats?
Decay of Perfection? 
Goddess with a Goal? 
         Getting better.
Pirates without Sin?
         What kind of pirates are they? 
Cats with Vigor?

           There's great fun to be had with these generators. I think I will stay with brainstorming, though, for now. By all means, give it a go. You never know, you might get an idea. :) 
Now, back to work.

Also - Can't wait for Eurovision tonight!! GO ICELAND!! 


  1. oooh so I'm all caught up on the blog reading, hmmmm some of those names are a hoot and a half!
    I hope the brainstorming goes well.