Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Post 23. The sparkling mess aka I'll be over here cleaning!

"I am Doctor DOOM!" My son shouted as he ran into the bathroom to do his business. Only to skid to a halt and call out, "Mom? Why is the floor sparkly?"
        Here's what happened.
My kids love dressing up in costumes (who doesn't?) and my daughters both have their own Minnie Mouse dress. A super cute, pink and polka dot affair. The dots are covered with glitter. This isn't a problem but when my youngest had a little accident, I soaked the dress but it wasn't enough.
       It was a hectic day and I clearly wasn't thinking straight, because I threw it in with a full load of similar colored clothes and set the washing machine on.
Just over an hour later, I had a laundry basket full of sparkly clothes.

FacePalm, please.

Thank you

     I clearly remember doing this once before so CLEARLY I don't learn from my mistakes. I waited for the clothes to dry and took them outside to shake off most of the glitter. I was too late, the floor in the bathroom was covered after I'd hung the clothes up to dry. Of course, this glitter got under everyone's feet and there are traces of sparkles EVERYWHERE! I even found one in my coffee this morning.
(Don't get me wrong, I love glitter. I just prefer it to be on purpose.)
        Now the family is walking around sparkling like, dare I say it, that freaky vampire for the Twilight series. Sigh.

       I have days like this, where I start cleaning up a little bit but somehow I'm just hurrying up a little too much and all I seem to do is make an even bigger mess. You know what I mean, the times we pluck in the vacuum and start going over the floors, only to find we haven't picked everything off the floor. Oops, there goes Lego Ironman's face mask.
      Now you have to decide if you should go in there after it (HELL NO. THAT'S WHERE THE SPIDERS I VACUUMED ARE!) or if you should feign ignorance when the kids start looking for the tiny thing.

       Whatever I choose, I know things are going to be all right and I try not to worry ab.... Oh crap, there's glitter on my keyboard. Fudge it, I'll just be a disco ball from now on.
See you on the dancefloor!




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