Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Post 13. A looooooong weekend is ahead! Help me!

Most people love a long weekend. I split in two when this happens. See, long weekends means more time with the kids, which I love. It also means more time with the kids, which means less time to do everything else.
           Yes, it's craziness all parents know. We all need me-time and love our children! The balance is important and can be incredibly hard to obtain.
All you need to tip the scales is one of the kids getting sick so you can't go to work or you won't get enough time to finish the housework, do your workouts, errands or whatever.
Don't get me wrong, I would die for my kids in a heartbeat, I love them til the ends of the earth and beyond but I need a break every once in a while.

          This morning marks the third day my daughter stayed home because of her infection (getting soooo much better though) and tomorrow is a holiday here in Norway (and more countries, I assume) and the schools have decided to have a teacher's holiday (I have no idea what is called in English. Even though I know this day is usually reserved for the teachers to go seminars and such things. So, not really a holiday.)

         Now, I am looking for things to do with the family and I am not a newbie at this, I know it won't be flowers and rainbows and everyone will be smiling the entire time we have a family outing. Oh, no! I learned those expectations don't really meet reality but I will still try my best to make the time fun and hopefully, outdoors :)
Today the sun is out, there are no clouds and it's kinda warm or 12°.  I hope it continues, bring on the sunscreen, please!
I is P.A.L.E.

And for no reason, this meme!

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