Monday, May 23, 2016

Post 26. The day of 'I don't wanna!'

Must be Monday!

My kids wouldn't get out of bed, the rain won't let up, I didn't want to do my workout, didn't want to write and most certainly didn't want to do my chores.
Nope, all I want to do is take a nap and watch some shows on Netflix while stuffing my face with watermelon.

BUT if I don't get the kids out of bed, they won't go to school and there will be screaming, running and chasing and extra clean-up to do. So I got them up, fed and dressed them and took their asses to school.

If I didn't do my workout, I won't get fit and I won't have stamina, to keep up with aforenamed children. So I got home (soaking wet, thanks, rain!), put on my workout clothes, collected my gear and videos and got to work.

If I don't write, I won't have pages to rewrite, edit and love/hate them. I won't be able to get my characters from point A to B, no one gets anywhere at all. So I filled my coffee cup and dragged my butt over to the computer and start revising. My Beta tester already got my book and instead of waiting around nervously, I am working on the second installment.

If I don't do my chores, well, the house will simply get dirtier and dirtier. I can almost live with that, until, I think about my son's friends coming over and leaving covered in dust bunnies and grime.
Damn it! I haul ass and do my chores.

Almost my exact expression.

Now, I feel good in my skin after working out, my mind is satisfied with the ideas I managed to get down on paper and my home is reasonably clean. Nothing I can do about the rain but instead of disliking it as I did this morning, I think it's lovely and the perfect weather to do some reading.

At least, until my son comes home, then we can do some homework and then I shall do my best not to let him kill me in Minecraft or Lego Marvel Superheros. (I make no promises, the guy is ruthless) 

This is my way of dealing with Mondays. Just get on with it and it will get better.

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