Friday, April 29, 2016

Post 10. I jinxed it!

If you saw my blog yesterday, you are awesome! Also, you will know I put away all the snow gear and clothes because it's spring, damn it!

I jinxed it! 
This was my view when I looked out my window this morning. The streets were covered in sludge and our feet were soaked  by the time we got to the kindergarten, no thanks to my youngest since she kept stomping her foot down, splashing me with extra sludge. Thankfully, I brought along extra socks. That's right, weather! I'm Icelandic, you can't fool me. 
Weather: What? Who dat be? 
(No, I don't know why the weather would sound like that.) 
        So when I got home, I'll admit, I took off the wet clothes and lay on the floor of the heated bathroom. Aaaaaaaaah! 
I seriously considered staying there today. Just put on a summer dress and pretend I was on a beach somewhere. 
        Which is what I would do when I lived and worked in Iceland. No matter how cold and windy and snowy and rainy it was outside, I would pretend I was working in Mexico or Spain, on a beach somewhere. It's my favourite happy place when the weather isn't co-operating.
I couldn't even rouse up enough energy to get my workout on. I skipped it (GASP!) today and already, I feel hideously guilty about it. I might just have to get to it tonight after the kids go to sleep. 
Yes, I'll do that. Guilt be gone!
Things are looking up already, this is the  view from my window right now. Let's hope it will last this time :)
This week the weather has been very Icelandic in nature. 


Have a great weekend and I will see you Monday! 

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