Monday, April 25, 2016

Post Nr. 6 Monday baby!

All righty then! Monday... The day most of the internet loves to hate, am I right?
Being a stay at home mom, however, this is me on Mondays

I'm also like that meme when the kids go back to school after summertime, just on crack! By crack, I mean I will manage my chores in under an hour and watch Unbreakable while eating snacks which I told my man the kids ate. YEP.

         Not to worry, today I worked out when I got back from the school run, I cleaned up the apartment and then got myself clean and got my butt to the store to get groceries. Once I got back home, the plan was to edit my novel and write this blog.

        I had an hour before my son was due home from school and I'll admit it, I was exhausted already. I've been home alone with the kids for over a week now and I think any stay at home parent will agree with me, the weekends are very taxing. So, for the hour I had, I sat on the couch and watched Netflix for an hour while eating lunch.

        Son came home on time and we just finished homework, where I almost got into an argument with his math project. Ended up sending a picture of it to his father, who's much better at math than I am, because I'm sure I'm right and the math is wrong. (Either way, the example didn't add up to what we needed it too.) 
        So, I am looking forward to an evening of editing, not complaining because I've set myself a goal to finish this revision next week. When it's ready, I'll start submitting it and carry on writing my other novels.
Anyone else out there, with more than one book/story they want to finish, cause I have a list of them at this point.

         Now, on the other hand, I have to start getting dinner ready since I'm trying to get the family to eat at Norwegian dinner time, but more on that later. Like tomorrow!



  1. It's Tuesdays that get me! UGH and then of course the internet has no awesome memes for Tuesdays!

    1. I agree with your a 100% Tuesdays are just the worst!