Friday, April 22, 2016

Post nr. 5. I drive to Oslo for the first time.

Today, I drove to my sister's place in Oslo. I live about 50 minutes (by car) outside of the capital and I have never driven there myself before. That's right, I make my man drive while I nod off. I mean, take care of the kids! You believe me, right?
Que awkward silence.

       Today's visit wasn't planned, not as such, but when my sister Snaps me a picture of a cake and asks me over, I'm going!!
Waited for my son to finish school and he joined me in picking up his two sisters from kindergarten early.
       Of course, I figured, since we weren't traveling at the height of traffic, we would be fine! I had my TomTom (GPS, which we've made to sound like Sean Connery. Mostly so I can argue with it when I feel it's not taking me to the right place. Where are you taking me, Sean?)
       Now, there's one trick to get to my sister without trouble and it is to skip a famous Interchange called.....

       Many times have I been warned, do not go there! It's too crowded, too loud and too complicated!!!
So naturally, I've been told to ignore my GPS, my Sean, at one place so I can avoid going through the horrible Sinsen.
Now, here's where you need to know something about me. Something shameful and un-womanly! My sense of direction is only so-so, especially when I'm driving. I've gone this way quite a few times but I still wasn't sure exactly where to turn. (Sometimes, I can't even tell you where I park.)
       So, in my effort to avoid the dreaded Sinsen I take a different lane then the one Sean tells me too.

I ended up stuck in touch-and-go traffic heading for Göteborg! Seriously, it took me about 20 minutes just to get out of the lane and into a small district so I could turn around.
(This is not the actual photo of the traffic I got myself into but it gives you an idea. Also, image about 30 trucks in there too.)
The kids were surprisingly calm about this delay. Well, one of them fell asleep and was none the wiser. The girls complained about the lane (going the other way) was much faster than ours. I tried to explain this to them but, in their opinion, they were right, I was wrong.
        My car is not an automatic, so MAN, was my left foot tired. I learned my lesson, though, and found the right place to skip Sinsen.
Thankfully, I ended up where I was supposed to be, sans a small detour.
The cake and the company made it so worth it! Mmmmmm cake.

        The travellers came home much too late to make dinner, so mom, covered in Bubble Soap and various food products, made Pizza Sandwiches and managed a chilly dessert as well. Afterwards, my son read to my two daughters, while a proud mama listened in.
It's an hour since my son went to bed, I'm wrapped in a blanket, armed with Peanut butter (crunchy, since I am starting to believe they simply don't have smooth here in Norway) and apples about to watch a show before I pass out!

So, to you, I bid a good night :)

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