Thursday, April 21, 2016

Post 4. Moms Assemble!

 All right, post number 4!

Yesterday I tackled the assembly of my girl's bikes. Figured, how hard can it be? (I should have known better)
       First, these boxes have been waiting for summer and since it's basically here in Norway, I decided to get cracking. I fetched the toolbox and opened them up.

Looked pretty basic, yes?

Okay, so I got it out of the box! Score! Found the manual. Double Score!
This is where things got complicated. Since the manual wasn't actually for this bike. I figured, no biggie, it's probably all the same anyway.
       Which would have been fine if the manual had actually shown me how to assemble! Seriously, why even have the damn thing?
Turns out, after googling my way through most of the Norwegian section of the manual, it only told you how to keep your bike running smoothly.
         So I figured, okay, so it's supposed to be obvious how you do this? Let's do it.
A second later, I was unwrapping the pedals and saw with them came 7 items ( a mix of screws and bolts) and I thought 7? For 2 pedals? Shouldn't it be an even number?
          Of course, I figured out soon after the pedals were simply screwed in.
That meant I actually had the mixture of screws and bolts without any clue as to what they were for.
So, like any 34-year-old mom, I got my tablet and youtube-ed the sucker!
         Thankfully, most (if not all) these kid bikes are similar in assembly and I quickly found a lovely gentleman putting a kid's bike together and I stumbled my way through.

This was the almost finished product. All I had left to do was get some air into those tires and a few adjustments according to the girls height.
Of course, they tried the bikes and within 2 minutes, the training wheels fell off!!! Oops, sorry, my bad! 
After about 10 minutes, I had them back on (properly this time!) and they love them and have barely gotten off them.

So, HA! I did it :)

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