Thursday, April 28, 2016

Post 9 Accidental spring cleaning.

In other words: What have I gotten myself into?

I made a mistake this morning after my workout and subsequent shower. After having completed my chores I was putting one of the girl's bikes away and noticed a pair of winter jackets in the way. Realizing we probably (knock on wood) won't be needed any winter gear until next winter, I decided to put it away.

        Like a good little housewife, I collected the jackets, suits, pants, boots and all things winter-related and got them into the itty-bitty-storage place I made for them in the cubbards. I found one of my favorite sweaters up there and decided to put it in the wash so I could actually wear it every once in a while.
         Only to notice my bathroom looked a bit dusty and the mirrors weren't super shiny. Well, I could fix that in a jiffy. Which was why, when the light over the bathroom sink started flickering, I flicked the screen/lampshade ever so gently, to have the damn thing fall off and onto my face! That's right, my face! At least it was made of plastic but the problem was I couldn't get it back over the light. While trying to fix it with various tools to no avial, I remembered I still had to fix the handbrake a little on my daughter's bike.

          So, with the appropriate tool in hand I go to fix it. This is when my son, who stayed home today because he wasn't feeling well, reminds me of his presense by asking for food. As if I have time for this? I am in fixing mode, so I have a quick AHA! moment and remember I have left over fish from last night's dinner.
I quickly pop it into the oven to warm it up and get back to fixing that bike. Putting the tools away I noticed a pair of socks I must have dropped when putting the clothes away so I quickly picked it up and deposited the socks into my kid's sock drawer. As I'm standing there, feeling a bit good about myself, I remember how I always meant to re-arrange their closet. Take out clothes which got too small, sort costumes from summer dresses, find all the underwear and put them in a reasonable spot, place the clothes in appropriate heights for each kids and so on and so forth.

       I really should have known better. 30 mintues later I have a massive pile of clothes to give away on one bed and a kind-of neatly arranged piles of of clothes to keep and sort out. This is when my son pipes up again, wondering what's taking so long.
The fish!!

      Like a ninja mom, I rush out of the room and into the kitchen, sliding on the floor as I go and rescue the now crispy fish out of the oven. As if this is all according to plan, I splash some sauce on it and thankfully, my son decleared it tasty and then went back to lounging on the couch, as sick boys do. Or so he tells me. At least he remembered to clean up after himself.
I realize I have to go pick up the girl's in an hour and hurry back to finish my closet project. The light from the bathroom was glaring at me because I still hadn't gotten the light screen up but I ignored it. There would be hell to pay if the girls came home and found ALL their dresses displayed on the beds. It would be the MOTHER of ALL dressups!
        Quick as I could, I cleaned out the closet (better use the time while it was empty) and returned the clothes. I won't know where anything is tomorrow (if it stays as neat as it is through today) but at least it looks great.

        Bagging the give away clothes and realizing it's too big to carry to the clothes container, I throw the bag in the car. Which was when I noticed how much junk was in the car. Before I knew it, I was cleaning out the car, wondering how I got to this point.
I'm exhausted, starving (because I forgot to grab me some of that crispy fish), and my bathroom is too bright when I turn the light on.
       What in the world possessed me to start this? Also, I started to feel the extra push ups and squats I did this morning.
Now, all I have to do is pick up the girls, get dinner started, bathe the brats, eat dinner, clean up afterwards (which said brats will help with), make sure homework is done, entertain kids until bedtime, read bedtime story, get oldest brat to bed and convince him he's fine to go to school tomorrow (there's even a school dance) and then, THEN, I can have some me time.
        Maybe I'll do my nails, put on a mask and edit my novel and catch up on Unbreakable and....
YEAH! Cut to me passed out on the sofa with Netflix on in the background. I am going to stay awake to see the new Supernatural show from yesterday. Yes! It will be my treat for this mess of a day. A mess of my own doing.

Crap, the bathroom light is bright! Bright light! Bright light!


  1. You've made so many excellent points as to why I just shouldn't start!
    However if you can teleport over here one day and assist, that'd be awesome!

    1. Gurl, when they make one of those teleporters, just try and stop me :)

    2. WOOOHOOOOO I won't! I'll just welcome you and then shenanigans shall be had.