Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Post nr. 3 Mommy musings.

Why won't housework go away? It's like every day with these chores. 
I really need Disney to step up their game, stop making stuffed toys and start making robots who clean up when I sing to them. When that happens I'll be first in line, screaming "TAKE MY MONEY!"
      Of course, I could get one of those Roombas but I have a sneaky suspicion I would find my youngest riding it all the time. Not a very long life for the Roomba. 
Most of my chores are simple, so why isn't there a robot to do them? I mean, didn't they just invent a robot kitchen!! 
      P.s. Totally need that. I hope they will have a talking version, cause I'd like mine to sound like Gordon Ramsay. 
      Then there's the dreaded "Folding laundry" chore! Since having three kids, this particular chore has become the bane of my existence. I want a robot!
Where is Rosie, the Jetsons robot maid, when I need her? Which is all the time. 
Think how fun the world could be if we weren't weighed down by these chores all the time.

There is, of course, a valid argument against robot maids and such. 

       Technology moves too fast for me to really keep up with and I love shouting at various electric gizmos when they do things I have only read about in Science Fiction. Just this morning I found out (and freaked out) about my phone being able to not only count my steps but, also measure my heart rate! All I had to do was press my finger over the back camera for a little while.
       It glowed like the eye of the Terminator and then told me my heart rate. I half expected it to speak to me in Arnold's voice, telling me I needed to exercise more, I was so puny!
In which case, my inner bitch would come out and I would curtly inform my Skynet phone I DO plenty of exercises. At least, that part's true. 
       I am forever fascinated by Siri and Hi Galaxy. I love making them repeat tricky Icelandic words and names. I've also been found guilty of telling these apps to be quiet (not so politely, though) and one actually told me to calm down.
      Even A.I. isn't smart enough to know never to say this to an agitated person. :) 

Well, my phone is telling me I have to drink more water now, so see you later. 

.......Wait... What?... Did I just do what my phone told me to? Oh, no. 

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