Friday, June 24, 2016

Post 40! Yes, we made it!

It's Post 40!

I'm sure you've learned a lot from my previous blogs. I hope so.
It would be appropriate for me to have some words of wisdom, something amazing to say on this wonderful Friday. Something life-mending, love-affirming and smart.

But I don't! :)
That's right, I got nothing.
     Iceland won their game on Wedsnday and I couldn't be prouder! Next up, England! Looking forward to that.
     My kids are starting their summer vacation, wonderful. Also, really tired already :)
After a blissful break with my war against the ants, I have seen two today... Time for some more poison!

Oh, and I made a lemon cake for the first time! Delish!

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! I'll see you all on Monday! 
Don't forget your homework I assigned in this blog. There will be a quiz! 

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  1. I never got the quiz, I take it as passing :D hahahahahaha