Friday, June 17, 2016

Post 37. Revenge of the ants!


Last week, I made a post about the war me and the Hubs had with ants suddenly coming into our home. A week later, I started seeing them again, venturing into my home but always near the same spot. So, obviously, it was time to get serious! 
        Those little suckers are still trying their hardest to invade my home! Seriously, they won't take the hint. I finally found a tiny hole in the wall where they were coming inside. So, I filled the hole with pesticide and sealed it off with some stick gum. 
I was feeling pretty damn good about myself until I finished cleaning the room and got to the corner furthest away from the hole. Because on the floor, there were a bunch of dying ants. 
It was clear they have a tunnel in the wall. 

       After freaking out, because I was now officially a mass murderer, I destroyed the evidence quickly and gave that corner a good round with the pesticide as well. 
After cleaning up, I get a watchful eye on that corner, trying  to figure out where their exit had been. 
Later in the day, I got a visit from the sister and brothers. (That's right, I called in re-enforcements) My brother tracked the ants outside so we now know kinda where they are getting into the house. 
My landlord, who lives above me, has also been noticing some ant traffic into his home. He told me we would have to find their lair. Okay, he said nest but lair sounds cooler! 
This proved difficult until my son found it. 
My GOD! 

       Their lair isn't too far from the house but it is a huge hill and from where I stood it looked like a writhing, pulsing nightmare! 
We've already gotten some advice on what to do and are taking measures to... 
How do I say this?

Today, however, I busied myself by getting some sealers to seal off any and ALL cracks/holes in my apartment in an honest attempt to keep them out while I wait for their untimely death... Muahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha! 

(Ok, I really need a break from this ant business and pesticide!)

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