Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Post 30. I am not a fan of bugs... Like at all.

Well, the sun is out OUT out OUT and it's wonderfully warm and lovely.
Except for one thing....


      They are out in force and I'm having trouble keeping them out of my home. That's right, I hate them very much :) 
With this heat, I need to be able to open a window every once in a while but there's an army of spiders just waiting to get in on the other side. 

       Now, I know I'm armed with my vacuum cleaner, hairspray and my sneakers but I really just want my space to be bug-free. 
Through the years (yes, even in Iceland) I've tried all sorts of things to keep them out. I've tried bug spray, I've tried natural scents, nets, tape and you name it. 
All of these worked, kind of. 
        But right now, I simply can't be bothered to put all these defenses up. Not to mention some of the scented stuff really calls to one kind of bug while scaring another. 

        While I'm writing, in this amazing weather, my kids want me to bake cookies. (In this heat, are you nuts? My answer to them, however, is always, We'll see.) 
Maybe I can make the batter tonight and bake it tomorrow morning before my house becomes a steam room. 

          I really wish I could be one of those people who isn't bothered by bugs at all. A wasp flies in their face and they simply close their eyes and wait for the sucker to leave. 
Oh, I close my eyes too. And whip around, climb over my hubs to get away and run as fast as my feet can carry me in the other direction. 

Oh, well. I will simply have to try to get over this in time. And by time, I mean in the next 1000 years :) 

Hope y'all are having a great Wedsnday.

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