Monday, June 6, 2016

Post 32. My kids are growing UP.

Last week the Hubs and I got a bunch of new clothes for the kids because they are outgrowing... Well, everything.
We ordered about 83 pieces of clothing for all three children after overhauling all of their old clothes.
Everything they couldn't use was given away to the red cross.

But that's not all. They aren't just growing in size, they are growing up on me!
Late last week, my youngest started cycling proper (with training wheels), my son got a new bike as well and is riding around like the wind.
We took a ride (well, the kids cycle and we, the parents, walk/run along side.) We went all over the neighborhood, stopping at playgrounds and such.
What surprised me was how well they noticed their surroundings. They pulled over to the side when a car went by, even if they just heard it. They were pretty mindful of each other and stopped if they weren't sure of which direction to take.
A year ago, this would have been a stressful affair but I found I could actually relax and simply enjoy my time with the kids and Hubs. You know, mostly.
(Yes, these are mine.. MINE! ALL MINE! Also, taken earlier this year)
At the playground, I discovered my little girls aren't so little anymore. As nail-biting moments went by I watched them climb up and down obstacles much taller than them. I was terrified but kept a crazy smile on my face as they climbed over pipes taller than me as I 'casually' walked underneath them.
I was so proud of how fearless they were, even if it was hell on my nerves. They waited their turn, they watched their footing but they weren't afraid.
Even my youngest (turning 3 in August) is insisting on standing in every swing we can find. Trust me,  I can barely keep from protesting.

They speak to people in Norwegian and are understood, they correct their mother mercilessly and they have a sense of humor I love. Even when it's overly sarcastic for a 4-year-old.

My kids are strong, willful, independent, clever and gorgeous. I need to remember they are turning out pretty good, even if I feel like a failed mom every now and then.
They fight and argue, like everybody else.
Then they turn around and hug it out or comfort the one who was denied candy on a weekday.

It's all good, is what I'm saying! I'll just be over here like...