Monday, June 20, 2016

Post 38. Good weekend, leads to good week? I hope .

The weekend was wonderful. 

I got to hang out with my brothers, my sister, and her fiancé on the Icelandic National day. We made Tapas, (not traditional for Iceland but it was DELICIOUS) and my kids had so much fun they were asleep before I exited my sister's parking lot.

      On Saturday, we carried out a sneaky attack on the ants. We got a powder on their walkway, which they will then pick up (or it will stick to them) and they will carry it back to their lair (yes, still referring to their hill as a lair) and they will all die!! MUAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. 
Oh, man, it sounds really, really bad like that doesn't it? 
Well, they woke my Viking by invading my house. 

After Operation Stealth Kill, we played outside with the kids until it was time to dinner. We had dinner early because Iceland was going up against Hungary in EM! To say the game was good would be an understatement. Unfortunately, the game ended 1-1 and Iceland has yet to secure their place in the nex round (I have no idea what the sports term is for it) We are eagerly waiting for Wedsnday where Iceland must win Austria to continue. (Yes, I know the meme has nothing to do with that game but I think it's funny!) 

On Sunday we went for a drive, going through some of the towns around us. While the kids were playing at a playground, the Hubs discovered a Zoo only 30 minutes away and they had Monkeys!
It was one of those places where you get a bag to feed some of the animals. 
Let me tell you, feeding an Emo hurts!

All in all, great weekend and I'm ready for the last week before my kids have their summer vacation. AKA. The time to drive mommy insane! 

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