Friday, June 3, 2016

Post 31! Friday!

Fridays are fun!

I may be looking like a Hillbilly because I broke my tooth yesterday but, it's Friday so I'm embracing the look. At least, I am until Tuesday when the dentist is going to fix it for me :)

This week, the family got a second car which will make everything a bit easier. Not to mention, if I need to run an errand or go somewhere, I am not tied to the bus. The bus system where I live is fine, but the bus only comes around every 30 minutes. Not great if you miss it.
Not to mention, I won't have to carry heavy groceries home from the store if the Hubs has to work out of town (thereby, using the car.)
I now have a car so I and the kids are free to drive around if we need/want too. It's shiny and new (to us, anyway) and I've decided its name is Magneto because of the gun metal gray color.
(Side note - how adorable is this guy!)
This made me wonder about my sanity for a moment (not for the first or last time) but then I realized I've never referred to a car as a male before! What's up with that? When I'm praying the car doesn't run out of gas before I reach the station, I'll ask her to make it just that little bit further. In my mind, I've always thought about cars in the female sense.
Anyway, now I have Magneto and we couldn't be happier.

I've actually started to see a change in my body now, after all the hard work I've been putting in and OMG, it's so encouraging!

(Can't have happy without Oprah!)
My writing is flying ahead and I am going to start submitting a novel on Monday. Super excited. I say Monday because I want to make sure I'm submitting to the right places and agents.

We had a great week as I hope everyone did.
Happy weekend!

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